Telling Hero Stories

A Mother Far from Home

Even the smallest thing can be a hope creating encounter with someone else. Rescuing others doesn’t just mean doing something completely heroic and news worthy. A few weeks ago two friends – TWO – both brought food to my house. I didn’t have to cook for three days. That, my friends, is a rescue.

One way we can get the Rescuing Message to our children in an easy and fun way is to tell stories. Telling stories, reading books, and highlighting (and therefore honoring) others’ rescue attempts is a great way to show your children that you value the effort to reach out and make a positive difference in the lives of others. Continue reading


Developing Trustworthiness: the Do’s and Don’ts

a mother far from home

Trustworthiness is an important quality we need to invest time in building in the lives of our children. Think about it, do you like to spend time with people you don’t trust? If you were an employer, would you want to hire people you can’t trust? When thinking about people who have made the biggest positive impact in your lives, were they often very trustworthy?

A trustworthy person is someone who can be relied upon to be honest, truthful, reliable, dependable, credible and safe (source). God calls His children to be trustworthy, and lucky for all of us, it isn’t rocket science. “If you are faithful in little things, you will be faithful in large ones. But if you are dishonest in little things, you won’t be honest with greater responsibilities” (Luke 16:10). For mothers, this is very good news! It means that from a young age we can encourage trustworthiness in our children in even the smallest of tasks and matters. Continue reading

Raising Starter Finishers

A few years ago now I was at a discipleship school in the UK. The leader of the school often taught us on various subjects and one particular morning she taught us about the importance of being “Starter Finishers.” A starter finisher is by definition – and I’m really taking liberties here – someone who regularly and deliberately finishes what they start. Therefore, by contrast, a non starter-finisher is someone who can start something with ease but finds difficulty following through, finishing or bringing things to completion.

Perhaps you feel that you aren’t a starter finisher, well worry not, it is still something you can try to instil in your children. If you find it hard to finish or get things done then I’m sure you’ll see the value in trying to teach your children how to do it right from a young age. It’s a lot easier to do something that has just always been done than to try to get the discipline and knack for it way later, when you long past need it. There are a few qualities, character traits and signs of a godly person that I don’t feel I possess and you know what, I’m going to try my hardest to prevent my children from following in my footsteps in those areas. Being a starter finisher, however, is something I am. But I wasn’t always.

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A Mother Far from Home

Every mother wants to teach their children wise, wonderful and winning things. But, because we’re human, we will find there are things we desperately want our children to take hold of that we simply cannot teach them ourselves. Why? Because we aren’t perfect and we don’t know everything. I want my sons to be handy and, while I can figure things out, I am not naturally handy. I want my daughter to be able to play a musical instrument well. I play the piano but probably not well enough to teach her properly. I want to teach them hospitality but I’m still learning the art myself. My husband wants our children to understand car engines, but he was never taught so doesn’t know where to start.

First, let’s admit we don’t know everything. Second, let’s admit we want our children to know more than we know. Third, let’s think of…

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Home, naturally

I was recently asked to blog with Raising Rescuers. After a long period of thinking, deliberating, and praying I agreed. In the next blog entries, I will share a few of my initial concerns and my overall thoughts on rescuers, rescuing, and raising rescuers.

How do I want to raise my little girls? I want them to be strong, healthy, happy, intelligent, capable, confident women who love God and love life. I want them to dream big and work hard. I want them to be good daughters, sisters, friends, and neighbors (and someday good wives, too). I want them to love themselves and love their neighbors.

I believe that raising strong boys and girls will lead to individuals who are actually capable of helping others. It all goes back to the announcement of the flight attendance that we listen to every time we are on an airplane. “In case…

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A Mother Far from Home

 “…Teach and counsel each other
with all the wisdom He gives…” 
Colossians 3:16a

You’ve read my thoughts on what a Rescuer is and how one can Raise Rescuers. Now, let’s talk about us. By us, I mean parents across the world. We are in a common stage of life, share common goals, and want the best for our children and our families.

We’ve all heard it said it “takes a village to raise a child.” Perhaps your village doesn’t raise your children, but within our own personal villages (geography notwithstanding) we have people who support, encourage and advise us. I only know answers to questions I’ve previously asked. I can guess a lot of things, but you know what, some of my most effective parenting practices have come through advice and books. Other people know things I don’t and I am happy to glean wisdom from them.

Do you want…

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A Mother Far from Home

We’ve already determined some characteristics of Rescuershere. We decided we don’t have to be perfect Rescuers ourselves, but that we need the heart, desire and effort to get in the game. Before we talk about Raising Rescuers, let’s talk about what Rescuing looks like in our world today.

Rescuing efforts can be both large and small scale. Helping someone pay their phone bill or driving someone to the doctor might seem minor in light of saving a person from sex slavery or adopting an orphan. As important as the grand scale Rescue efforts are, the little rescues are often what keeps us going in the hard times. I remember when it was a friend’s birthday and my husband and I were volunteering for a Christian charity, a.k.a. we were broke, yo. We decided it was worth the money to go out and celebrate because we’d committed to attend…

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